'After' HD Brows




The CELEB favourite HD Brows are now here!

HD - means 'HIGH DEFINITION' and we promise to give your brows the serious 'wow' factor.

We follow the 7 secret steps to achieving 'perfect brows' with Shape and Tint (colour) that compliments you and your style perfectly.

A thorough consulation is conducted prior to application in which we will talk you through the proceedure and establish your brow needs.

NB.....A 24 hour patch test is requred prior to HD brow treatment.


What are HD BROWS?

HD Brows are created using only HD Brow branded products. Our unique 7 step proceedure ensures total eyebrow perfection.

How often should I have the HD BROW treatment?

To get maximum results and keep your eyebrows in perfect shape we recommend every 3-4 weeks

How long does it take?

Typically a HD BROW treatment should be expected to take 30-45 mins......well we do strive for perfection!

Should I 'do' anything to my brows in between appointments?

Unless we recommend any HD Brow Homecare to you just hide the tweezers away and leave it to the experts. The perfect style and shape can take a while to create so we recommend NO TWEEZING in between appintments.

How much does it cost?

The HD Brow proceedure is £20. 





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